UL 142 Storage Tanks

What is UL 142

Few of us take the time to stop and truly understand the very definition of Underwriters laboratories, commonly known as UL.

For many years, it has been such a household name, expanding into so many products that you and I use everyday, without even knowing it.  From the coffee maker sitting in your kitchen, to the latest fuel dispenser at the nearest gas station.  Underwriters laboratories (UL) has become today’s benchmark for testing.

Started in 1894,  they have become a global independent agency, as we know them today.

But what does that have to do with what we know as UL 142 storage tanks?  Well, if you take a look of why they exist, you may start to put the pieces together.

The sole existing of Underwriters Laboratories, is to promote not only safe living but also to promote safety in working environments.  Starting to make sense?  Let’s take it a step further.  A UL 142 label on a storage and or fuel tank, should give you the piece of mind that UL has reviewed and inspected the UL 142 fabrication procedure to be at the very best industry standards for the safe handling/storage of combustible and flammable liquid products.  These guidelines are then followed by a storage tank fabricator, like us here at Delta Tank, where every tank that leaves our facility takes that benchmark very serious.

Our Safety Standards

So, when you see UL 142 storage tanks popping up, rest assured that here ay Delta Tank Inc; we follow the standard procedures dictated by Underwriters Laboratories and you will see that by our plate mounted on every UL 142 tank.

As we dive deeper into the world of UL 142 above storage tanks; we will outline what makes a UL 142 tank and what you should expect from your supplier.

If you have any questions regarding any UL 142 storage tanks; we are here to help you with not only stock inventory but also with industry knowledge to help your next project.

Contact us here and don’t forget to mention when UL was originally established.