UL 142 Tanks For Sale

6,000 Gallon Fuel Tank

Dimensions:91″ Diameter x 218″ Length
Estimated Weight:10,500 lbs
Material Type:A-36 or A-1011
Tank Thickness:Inside Tank: All  1/4″; Outside Tank: 1/4″ Heads; 10 Gauge Shells
Structural Supports:I-Beam
Design & Operating Pressure:Atmospheric
Design & Operating Temperature:Ambient Conditions
Corrosion Allowance:N/A
Air Pressure Tested:3-5 psi, Brushed Soap & Water
NPT Threadlet Fittings 


(1) 4″ Fill Cap
(2) 8″ Emergency Vents
(1) 2″ Normal Vent
(1) 2″ Outer Shell Monitor Pipe
(1) Bolt-On-Ladder (Not Shown In Picture)

Internal Seal-Welding/Coating: N/A
External Coating: Red Oxide Primer With Glossy Finish (Stand Alone Paint)

Aboveground Fuel Storage Tank


UL 142 Double Wall Tank

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